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Glorieta Emperador Carlos V, s/n, 28045
Madrid, Spain


 Reviewed by Cem Gulden

We really enjoy train rides in Europe. But it should be: high speed train and first class coach.
Train rides gives us a relax time, internet connection and some food. We had ride in Germany, France, Belgium and Nederland. This time we had change to travel from Madrid to Valencia.

Renfe people really treated passengers nicely. Even before we start to our ride they told us our food options. I got Kosher and my wife got the regular food. just because early morning ride that was a breakfast options but there was unlimited pastry and drink options.

It is always worth to pay the extra money to travel first class. Also seats are big and comfortable and with their app you can even watch free movies and tv shows. Train goes as fast as 300km/hr which makes the ride amazingly short and easy to resist.

There was a Lounges across from the platform which was also very good. Customer service was somewhat lacking but it was still very lovely to be in this lounge.  

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